The New Chapter of Your Life – Your Career

Five to Seven months from now you all will be staring at a new chapter in your life. The Chapter of your Career! This will be one of the most significant Chapter in your lives! This Chapter is going to last for more than 50 years of your life that is yet to come! Very soon you will be thrown into the new world, out of the comfort zone of your parental cocoon, out of the support system of your friends. This where you will be having to equip yourself to make decisions, take action, to lead, to be the change that will have a lasting impact not only on yourself but also on your families, friends and society.

It is you and only you who has to think about what to do next! From now on no one else will take this decision for you!

  • Should you take up a job?
  • Should you take up further studies?
  • Should you go abroad?
  • Should you start your own business?

You need to answer these questions yourself.

India is poised on a launch pad of economic, social and political growth. With an economy growing at the rate of 7.6% which is the fastest in the world, the second largest internet users and a GDP of $10 Trillion it is expected that India will present a huge $4 Trillion Consumer Market opportunity by 2025. 

Seeing this opportunity global giants are making India their home. We have already seen the rise of Amazon in India. We have witnessed the Multi – Million Walmart Flipkart deal, We have seen the DIY giant IKEA open its stores recently and Samsung starting its largest manufacturing operations in India. Sectors such as financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, information technology, automotive, FMCG and retail have seen consistent growth and are expected to grow further.

  • Do you dream of creating such global businesses one day?
  • Do you see yourself as a part of India’ growth story?
  • Do you aspire to be building a successful career with one of these global giants?

But It is a highly crowded and competitive world out there. 5Mn students graduate every year in India. You will be one amongst them!

So, what should you do? How will you differentiate yourselves from amongst this mammoth crowd?

As students, you need to realise your true potential, visualise your dream and articulate your path to get there.

  • What are you really really passionate about? something that you can never ever get tired of doing? something that you can even do if someone wakes you up in the middle of night. Something that you do with a SMILE on your face!
  • What are you naturally good at? Some people are born with some talent. What’s yours?
  • What are your acquired skills? What have you learnt so far? From your school, college, home, outside world
  • What do people come and ask you about?
  • What do want to be known as? What would you like to called as? What’ your label? What’ your tag?

To take advantage of opportunities for growth, businesses need to build a sustainable pipeline of business leaders. They require Leaders who understand the pulse of the business. Leaders who are aware of the global socio – economic – political environment. Leaders that are self – motivated, committed to their work, have the right attitude towards their colleagues and are able perform consistently in a variety of business scenarios. Leaders who are not only talented and equipped with knowledge but also those who have heightened levels of consciousness about their capabilities, their attitude, their body, their environment, and know the levers to channelize their energies towards achieving business goals. Leaders who need to be constantly aware of the emergent trends and developments that are taking place across the globe and understand the implications of the same on the business, society and the environment. Business Leaders who are not only talented and equipped with knowledge but also those who have heightened levels of consciousness about their capabilities, their attitude, and their environment.

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