Thank you Universe for getting me right!

Thank you Universe for getting me right!

Yes I truly do dear universe!

The gratitude towards the universe was never expressed or even felt important to me till in the year 2015. What happened to me in 2015 was a life changer as never felt before. I decided that I had had enough of the corporate world and wanted to change the course of my life. While I was financially secure because I spent and saved money wisely, still to me retirement was never on the mind. In fact I don’t even believe in the retirement concept at all. For me retirement is when you are six feet under the ground. Till the time you are alive, you need to work with a purpose in life. So then what was not going right for me?

I felt I wanted different people around me, I wanted to do things differently, and I wanted to just break free from the dictates of the society. The life felt a burden, I was perennially irritated, and my last job had completely erased faith on human beings. I saw deceit, false diplomacy, and fake behaviour all around me. My professional life sucked and this disappointment crept into my personal life as well. I had just created a worst bed of life for me and my loved ones. Then I met a great person in my life! A deep friendship was born on August 20, 2015.

This person Dr. Chakravorty became my mentor, guide from the moment I met him in Starbucks. I poured my sorrows to him and he listened to me very patiently, occasionally asking probing questions. Our first meeting lasted for over three hours and by the end of that meeting I knew that I had changed from within. Dr. Chakravorty introduced to me the law of attraction and an attitude of gratitude. I attended his 21 days gratitude program, followed what was instructed to do. By the end of 2015, I started observing changes in my life. I became calmer, started doing mild meditation, and started practising breathing exercises, observing chakras alignment. I did all of this very consciously as advised by Dr. Chakravorty. My thoughts began to change, I became even more of a positive person, began to see the universal numbers and it seems so surreal but I started seeing my life unfold differently for me. I got the break for my independent assignment in 2016. Gradually, my networking with professionals spread, I felt more confident and my positive affirmations began to show me the path forward.

Things, feelings, positive interventions that I was searching for commenced and now I am in the space of total control of my life.

Thank you Universe for rewiring me, I could not have asked for your presence in my life more than today.

Feeling Blessed

 Geeta Varma

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