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A Monday @ 40

As an employee you spend more than eight to ten hours of the day at office. If we exclude the travel time and sleep time, this is more half the time in the day that we are awake. This time is spent with bosses, peers, customers, partners, team members, office buddies, mentors, role models, and many other characters that exists in your professional life or what we now call as the corporate world.

The remaining half of the time is spent with family, friends and society. This is the personal world. Any development or change in any of these worlds has a direct impact on you. 

As it is a very natural human tendency to resist change, many a times these changes do not accepted or adopted easily.This results in creation of a poison called Stress. As changes in both professional and personal lives have become continuous, there has been a dramatic rise in stress levels.

Especially with middle aged employees, over the years in, internal conflicts, colleague behaviours, unfulfilled promises, not meeting of expectations, changes in organization structures, societal pressures, self – proclaimed constraints, statutory compliances, financial liabilities and family expectations have piled on and on so much so that the employee is now on the verge of a breakdown. As an employee spends more and more years in the organization there are increased levels of stress, anger and frustration. Instead of leading a happy and fulfilling career, the employee begins to jostle with day to day negativity clouding the mind leading to depression and anxiety. Add to that the stress created for employees staying in metros due to fast pace of life, travel hassles and congestion woes. The levels of organization stress are so high that it is resulting in middle age burn outs, unbalanced work lives, drug abuse, divorces, crimes and even suicides.

“A Monday@40” portrays how organization stress impacts the main character of the story, Arvind, a forty something employee holding a senior position with a leading corporate. It is a collation of experiences that show how stress impacts Arvind’ health, his family, his professional life. It is a story about how the piling of negativity burdens one’s life leading ultimately to a breakdown. It brings together stories of the ruthlessness as well as the friendly experiences of the corporate world that Arvind has had. It gives the readers food for thought that whether the daily grind is really worth it or not. It also shows that every end is also a point of a new beginning, a new you, a new journey and new destination. It is how you dream, explore and take action.

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